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Agency Profiles on WebBuilderZone

Creating a profile for your Web Agency is easy. When you first create your profile, you must determine the service “specialty” (category) that best describes your particular area of expertise, along with a general description of your agency. Your submission must include a single “anchor” image (generally, your logo), which will display alongside your listing. Once approved, your complete agency listing will appear in all searches within your Specialty. 

Portfolio Submissions and Placement Methodology 

WebBuilderZone is portfolio-centric! Experience tells us that prospective buyers of web agency services form lasting opinions and make final decisions based on their initial impression of your previous body of work. Having a strong online portfolio is an essential part of the process, and we urge all web agencies to upload their best portfolio images to WebBuilderZone.

Quality, Quantity, Relevance

It is our mission to present the best available online platform to potential buyers of web agency services. Since we place especially high value on portfolio quality and presentation, the position of your agency listing depends on both the QUANTITY and QUALITY of your submitted portfolio images.

We also consider “relevance” of your portfolio images an important factor. So, for example, if you are listed under MOBILE APPS, at least one or more of your images should reflect your expertise in that specialty. Approximately once per month, listing positions are adjusted according to such factors, as determined by our experienced analysts.

As a general rule, the GREATER the number and quality of relevant images in your portfolio, the higher up your agency listing will appear in our directories.


Sponsorship Plans

All Web Agencies can create company profiles and easily upload their best portfolio images for free. However, if you would like to further promote and increase your company’s visibility, we offer several sponsorship opportunities:

 When a prospective customer comes to WEBBUILDERZONE seeking professional web service providers of a particular specialty, sponsored listings are the first to appear, followed by all other agency listings. Sponsorship applies to one listing per specialty, and you may purchase sponsorship at a different level for each specialty. Sponsorship plans require a monthly subscription. We offer several increasing levels of Sponsorship:

BASIC Listing Plan

This level is free to all web service agencies. BASIC listings offer small companies and many freelancers an opportunity to present their portfolios and be seen alongside major agencies in our directories. BASIC LISTINGS appear after sponsorship-level listings are displayed, and include fewer features and basic email-only support. It’s a good place to begin, and your company will be seen by active buyers searching for agencies within your specialty.

PRO Plan

This sponsorship level displays your agency listing above BASIC non-sponsored listings in your specialty. Our PRO-level Plan is “mid-size,” displays as a larger, more prominent listing in our directories, and allows a greater number of portfolio images to be displayed in your profile. PRO-level sponsorship provides excellent listing visibility with budget-friendly pricing, and puts your agency in front of many valuable clients seeking services within your particular specialties.


Enterprise Plan sponsors appear first, at the very top of our directories before (and above) PRO and BASIC listings. This is our largest and most prominent listing size, eye-catching with the largest anchor image, and most descriptive text. ENTERPRISE PLAN Sponsorship allows agencies to display virtually UNLIMITED portfolio images in their profile. In addition, ENTERPRISE agencies are able to sponsor multiple specialties and Industry directories with discounted pricing, and receive prompt personal telephone support.

 industry_icon_blu-512 Are you an Industry Leader? 

INDUSTRY LEADER Sponsorship is a paid upgrade to ENTERPRISE level, available to qualified agencies. INDUSTRY LEADER listings appear at the top of our ENTERPRISE listings, and offer even greater opportunities to promote your agency at Webbuilderzone. In addition to your ENTERPRISE listings, INDUSTRY LEADER agencies enjoy the benefits of also being listed in our industry-specific directories, where industry-focused buyers can easily find you. Your listings are clearly marked with our prestigious INDUSTRY LEADER ICON, indicating your status.

To qualify, you must be an ENTERPRISE agency in good standing, have at least five (5) portfolio images uploaded, and your profile details must be complete. 

  • Our INDUSTRY LEADER Sponsorship Program is available only as an upgrade to ENTERPRISE level.
  • INDUSTRY LEADER agencies are displayed first, in the top tier of all ENTERPRISE listings, above all others.
  • INDUSTRY LEADER status is all-inclusive, and applies to ALL of your ENTERPRISE listings, in all of your selected service specialties.
  • Our prestigious INDUSTRY LEADER icon will be attached to your listings to indicate your status and may also be downloaded and prominently displayed on your website.

INDUSTRY LEADER is a custom program tailored to fulfill your specific requirements and goals.  Please contact us for complete details and pricing.

Many agencies require a custom plan or have specific placement goals, and we’re always available to collaborate in your success. If this is you, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We’re always happy to talk with our web partners, and we promise to do our best to help you reach your goals and objectives.